Po zabiciu 2 wrogów bronią w ciągu 10 sekund:

  • "Ya' propable wasn't expectin' that, do ya!"
  • "Ya' head isn't ready for me, and that lil' fella!"
  • "Whaddya looking at? Im a dog."
  • "See ya' later!"

Po zabiciu wroga bronią do walki wręcz:

  • "Look at this! Blood for sausages!"
  • "Y' will impale ya'!"
  • "Die! Ghwawhahahaha!"
  • "Ya' weak, y' strong."
  • "I will kill ya' and make blood pudding!"
  • "No escape from my mighty weapon."
  • "Woo!"
  • "Ya' lose a life!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Huh? Already dead?"

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