Accepting a Quest:

  • Okay.
  • As you wish.
  • Okay, im suprised you asked me for it.
  • You can count on it.

Declining a Quest:

  • I can't.
  • Not this time around.
  • I have to...decline.
  • Denied.

Attacking (in general):

  • Kia! Feel the wrath!
  • You will feel my pain!
  • I'll make you suffer, just as they made me!
  • Hah, run!
  • Come here!
  • Afraid of mice?

Attacking a female enemy:

  • Oh, i'd certainly wouldn't crawl into you!
  • Hah, your look can scare off a foul undead!
  • Lady, you don't look handsome to me.
  • Not shure how anyone would want to f*ck that.

Attacking an animal enemy:

  • How about a role reversal? This corpse will devour you!
  • Time to control the population of your species!

Attacking an undead enemy:

  • Dead versus dead, that's the way to do it fair!
  • Its a win-win situation to you. If i'll kill you, your suffering will end.
  • I shall banish you to the realm of the dead, once and for all!
  • Survival of the fittest ALSO applies to the undead.

Attacking a Poroniec, Fajermon, Graniecnik, Miernik or Kłobuk:

  • Much pain happened to you in your life.
  • You poor thing, i will stop your pain!

Attacking a Boss, Quest Boss or a Mini-Boss:

  • This one looks stronger...
  • Now that one...
  • You will fall down like worms under my feet!
  • Strong one, i see.
  • Tough one.
  • This one's tough!
  • This is gonna hurt.

Low life:

  • The pain...the pain...
  • I can sense my fragile life fading away...time to reunite with the afterlife.
  • By the's happening...
  • I won't die without a fight!