Transporter Truck
Type: Transport
Health: Low-Medium, High (if Hard Metal is purchased)
Speed: High

"Mosstahil!" - Transporter Truck when ordered to go to an unavailable place.

Transporter Truck - basic transport unit available for the Egyptian Empire from the start of the game, also useful as a one-shot weapon, if player suffers from shortage of tanks or offensive units.


Transporter Truck is a medium-sized jeep-like vehicle bearing resemblance to the Horch KFZ 15 utilized by the German forces during World War II. It's rather fast, on par with the Cargo Star utilized by the Lechites, if not faster.

The unit accelerates highly in big numbers and when near enemy. Each enemy or each Transporter Truck nearby boosts up it's maximum speed by 5%, with the maximum being 250%. Each truck can hold up to 20 of any infantry units, and serves as a mobile bunker to them, beecause once they are in the Transporter Truck, the vehicle absorbs all the damage. When the vehicle is destroyed, either by enemies or by it's charge attack, the units get out of it automatically with health intact.

Four Transporter Trucks.

Transporter Truck's only mean of attack is charging at enemy in a straight line, like a giant missile. It cannot turn nor chase the target during this charge, which means that this attack is very easy to dodge. If a Transporter Truck hits an unarmoured target, it's usually a one-hit kill. Truck's explosion deals very high damage, but the vehicle is easy to destroy, so it's best to always send two or three to do the charge.

The unit works well with a flesh barrier made out of Slaves marching in front of it, as both units have the same speed, with Slaves being slightly faster than Transporter Trucks, thus enabling them to go in front of them and take all the abuse, leaving Trucks unharmed and ready to charge at enemy positions.

The Transporter Truck speaks unsubtitled Arabic in a masculine and emotionless voice, only speaking louder when ordered to charge.


icon Name One unit/All units Description
Niszczycielskie natarcie
Hard Metal All Gives the Transporter Trucks +50 health points.
Demoniczny cios
Wrath of Set One Truck's destruction makes it explode flames in a large radius, very useful for killing enemy infantry.